My tattoo


I felt the urge to show you my first tattoo I got in April for my 17th birthday (which was actually already in March, but who cares). It hasn’t healed completely yet, but.. Whatever. 

It’s just one word: strength. On my wrist, visible for everyone including me all the time and every day for the rest of my still pretty long life (if nothing will go wrong).

What does it mean to me? It’s quite a synonym for recovery to me. Like this ‘stay strong’ tattoo (which is really awesome), but better because it’s not clear for people on the outside what it actually means: overcoming mental disorders. You don’t get labeled by every stranger as someone crazy or sick. They don’t see it that way because it can be interpreted in many different ways.
Just a guide for life, a physical or mental sickness, a heartbreak, dark time or motivation to reach goals? Nobody knows expect me and the ones I tell.
And that’s why I got it and why I will never regret it because even after all this sickness shit is over, I’ll still have a guide for my whole life, the good and the bad times, the bright and the dark moments.