Glamorization of mental illnesses

Yeah, I’m fully aware that about a thousand people have already made their rants about this topic, but I really don’t care. It’s tragic that we spent years trying to raise awareness for these disorders and now we have the attention we needed and instead of realizing how serious this issue is, (especially young) people suddenly think it’s something you should be happy to suffer from. Isn’t the word ILLNESS enough to understand that it’s not something you should want? Obviously not. Somehow, stupid kids think that’s it’s cool, glamorous or special to suffer from disorders. How can you be SO blind?

A few examples…

anorexia, ana, and anorexic image

I really can’t believe my eyes when reading this. Whoever wrote this admitted that it’s a disease and explained that it can’t not be beautiful to suffer from it. Right. So just because someone suffers from cancer doesn’t mean they that tumors aren’t cool, right? Is it inappropriate to make this analogy? Probably. But is it appropriate to state that starving yourself to death for a distorted body image is beautiful? No. Anorexic people destroy their bodies systematically for an illusion in their heads that isn’t, has never been and will never be real and there is absolutely nothing beautiful about sacrificing your entire life to become a walking skeleton you won’t even see in the mirror. And believe me, they don’t think that’s beautiful either. And you know why? Because anorexia is a disorder.

But there’s another great thing: Merchandise.

Really, Urban Outfitters? Is suffering from an illness that makes people take their own lives so great that you need to print it on a shirt?

And another reason why I love this store… Isn’t it bad enough that this model looks like she’ll be admitted to the hospital tomorrow? Do you also need to make her wear the statement?

And how about this beautiful necklace that’s been tagged with being ‘pastel’ and ‘grunge’? Yeah, it’s so great to feel like hiding in your room for your entire life because even the smallest social interactions terrify you.

Mental Illness T-Shirt

Don’t we ALL love it when something invisible destroys our lives every day?

It might not be Christmas yet, but didn’t Target sell a nice holiday sweater last year? Why shouldn’t we joke about the constant checking, repeating, cleaning and obsessing? Cause, you know, it’s funny.

But unfortuely, this is not where the glamorization ends. The Internet is the best source for it:

skinny, thin, and fasting image

Maybe we’ll see how many hearts it takes to starve to death!


How much we all love insomnia. 

thinspo, text, and thin image

Never give up until you’re either dead or chained to the hospital bed!

skinny, thin, and thinspo image

(on the road to destruction)


We’re SO cool.

girl, skinny, and thinspo image

Who cares you’re dying as long as your bones are showing?


(yay, we’re sick!)

I can’t even put it into words what I think about such pictures. They make me speechless and that’s rather rare for me. It’s just… Why? Why is this considered desirable to be mentally sick? Why do they think sicknesses are worth striving for? What is wrong with this world and this generation?

7 thoughts on “Glamorization of mental illnesses

  1. Awesome read. This is so disgusting though, people are actually glamorizing eating less? Ugh. I’ve had an eating disorder for four years now and I still can’t help but feel like many aren’t aware about the seriousness of mental disorders. It really is sad how ignorant society can be sometimes approaching topics like this. Thank you so much for sharing, looking forward to more of your posts.

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  2. You can be beautiful and be anorexic. It’s not the weight or bones that matter. People see themselves as unattractive and “fat.”

    I agree with making mental illness an “in thing.” I wonder if some good can still come from it. Like the “depression” shirt. It brings it into the open.

    The ones poking fun at serious things are not funny or appropriate.
    I see this a lot with PTSD. People want to claim it for some reason. It sucks. If they had to live with it for a week, it wouldn’t be so cool anymore.


    • An anorexic body is not beautiful because it’s sick and starving. Strength is beautiful, health is beautiful. Starvation is not. And I don’t think that there can be something positive about the glorification of sicknesses. Yes, it raises awareness, but not in a positive way because it makes it something worthwhile. I totally agree with the rest you wrote, though, especially with your statement that it’s not funny or appropriate, because it really isn’t.


      • I meant it more in the way that there is beauty in people. It’s not ugliness with anorexia. It’s the disease process. Part of what drives anorexia is body image. If you hate your body, it’s hard to recover.
        If you can embrace who you are and the body (healthy) you have, the body image will not be such an issue.

        It’s hard to explain. What anorexia causes is horrible. But, the body isn’t- there’s potential for health.

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      • I see that we’re still on the same page and obviously just had a misunderstanding going on here. I absolutely agree when you say that there’s beauty in people and that the disease process is the ugly thing. That’s what I actually wanted to say in the first place. It was never my intention to call people ugly, the disgusting thing is what the disorder does do the body. But the picture I originally dedicated this to in my post (the white one with the black quote) calls anorexia beautiful and it definitely isn’t. We’re all beautiful with our imperfections just the way we are and when I’m saying that anorexic people are ugly, I’m just saying that it’s ugly what anorexia does to the body (= the starvation). Is this what you wanted to say too?


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