Motivation, inspiration, whatever.

A few people recently asked me how I usually handle bad moods, breakdowns and other crap with a child now, so I thought it would be a good idea to write about that.

I currently have four different strategies to cope with such things.

  1. let it all out (talk about it, cry, scream, let myself fall) -> when I’m alone and feeling VERY crappy)
  2. focus on my son
  3. distract myself with so-called positive activities (family, DVD’s, music, books
  4. use skills
I already wrote about number 4 once in the post ‘The skill to use skills’, but this time I don’t want to write about my ‘skills-lines’ (how my therapists used to call it), but instead about my motivations. Those are my posters, collages and photos I hung up on walls in our hallways and my room. I’ve already shown you some of them in the post ‘My motivation wall’, but since then the walls have grown. So these are the new things and, even more important, my motivation box.


A very important plan I made up with my therapist when I was still pregnant.


The one with the yellow frame is my ‘puzzle of life’. It shows all the important parts of it.



The world map shows where I’ve already been and where I still wanna go.



This is is a poster with a surface you can use like a chalkboard. It’s actually a To Do-List, but I always write ‘motivational quotes’ (how I call them) on it.


This is my motivation box!


It includes more stuff than I can count.

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