The skill to use skills

When you‘re in therapy for some time, you get to know this weird thing called skill. I mean, we all know what the word skill means. A skill is the ability to do something. But that‘s not what I‘m talking about. I‘m talking about the ability to break free from situations where your tension is so extremely intense that there‘s no way to get out of it on your own or with some simple distraction. Instead, you need to use skills from different levels (the level of tension from 100 where you can‘t even think anymore and down to 10 where you could go to bed immediately).
The lower the tension is, the less intense skills you use until you‘ve calmed down completely.
I‘m not a therapist, but I hope I could explain it correctly.
Now I wanna show you my personal skills list with the tension marks, starting with 100, the highest level.
It‘s important to not just use one of the high tension skills (high tension is from 70 to 100), but three or four before you continue with lower skills.

100|90|80 (10 minutes)
Finalgone (an ointment that‘s actually for extreme backache and similiar shit, but when you use it on skin in its normal condition, the ointment causes the feeling like your skin is on fire. It does not leave any wounds or other damage, but the pain is like you just self harmed. Also, this skill brings you back into reality and makes you feel again because when you‘re on 100, you‘re no longer really there.)
Seroquel (or other antipsychotic pills)
Ice water or snow (the coldness brings you back and helps you calm down a little)
Ammoniac (You can buy little ampules in some drug stores or on Amazon. To activate them, you need to take one with both hands and snap it like a glowstick)

70|60 (60/120 minutes)
Favorite TV shows
Alcohol (sparsely)
Crying or screaming

Massage balls
Best friends
My dogs


Skills are only things that are legal and do not harm you or other people in any way!

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